Staff profile: Chelsea Eaton

When given the opportunity to hand out pizza on live television, Chelsea Eaton made sure to call her mom to tell her to watch. That was just one of several interesting opportunities Eaton experienced during an internship with the nationally syndicated talk show The Chew._MG_2037

Eaton, a senior broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has had numerous internships, but her experience with The Chew helped her discover the direction she wants to take with her broadcasting career.

“I learned a lot about working at a talk show; it’s different from working at a newscast,” she said.

The personal, lighthearted feel of talk shows is what attracts Eaton to producing them. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in the world, she prefers putting a smile on her audience’s faces.

While she enjoys the laid-back feel of talk shows, Eaton is drawn to the busy, fast-paced life of big cities. After growing up in the Twin Cities and living in New York City for a summer, Eaton knows that she wants to relocate to a large city after graduation.

“For what I want to do, the bigger opportunities are in bigger cities,” she said.

However, larger cities on the West Coast, like Los Angeles, don’t have the same appeal, Eaton said.

“I like snow for at least one month a year.”

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