Staff profile: Colleen Fell

If Colleen Fell doesn’t get rich and famous, she has back up plans.

“I’m trying to work my way into the celebrity scene,” Fell said. “I’m kind of kidding about that, but not really.”

FellnewFell is 21 years old, thin, about five and a half feet tall with dark brown eyes and shoulder-length hair the color of milk chocolate. The junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majors in broadcasting with a minor in women’s studies. Fell said she would like to be famous for something journalism related.

“Originally, I wanted to get into entertainment news,” she Fell said. “But I don’t like the way celebrity media picks on celebrities and makes them less than human, and the way they talk about women.”

Now, Fell is interested in reporting news post-graduation. She said her experience as an intern at the WOWT news station in Omaha was eye-opening.

The news anchors there are so qualified,” Fell said. “They do all their own work and all their own research. I thought that was impressive.”

Fell is open to many career paths, unsure if she will end up in the broadcasting field. She is interested in writing for Marie Claire, for example.

“It’s a good mix of fashion and women’s issues,” Fell said. “They send writers all ovethe world to report on serious issues.”

Fell would love a job that requires her to travel.

“Staying in the same place all the time is not appealing,” she said.

Fell calls London the best city in the world after studying there for three months. Coming back to Nebraska in December was rough, she said. Fell grew up in a house at 72nd and Cass streets in Omaha with her older sister, younger brother and parents.

If getting rich and famous doesn’t work out and she changes her mind about journalism, she said she would love to own a specialty cheese store in Europe or even bottle-feed pandas at a zoo.

“I’d be happy doing a lot of things.”

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