Staff profile: Michael Shoro

Michael Shoro is a worrier, but should he be?pic

Halloween night, at Branched Oak Lake with four friends, the Elk Grove Village, Illinois, native griped about his lack of an internship. He couldn’t stop being concerned to have any fun at the lake.

Yet, the next day, the Lincoln Journal Star offered him a yearlong internship.

One worry gone, and in came another: breaking news.

Shoro didn’t get the experience of reporting on breaking news while at the Omaha World-Herald or The Daily Nebraskan. The few weeks at the Journal Star, he found himself in the midst of it.

When the scaffolding collapsed in downtown Lincoln, Shoro was the first on the scene, but at the scene of a fatal hit and run, police wouldn’t let him through. Shoro was detoured by different police officers for two hours, so he didn’t get the story.

He stopped at a gas station to call his editor.

“I thought I screwed up,” he said. “My editor told me, ‘Look, you’re fine. Sometimes that’s just the function of what happens.’”

Hear Shoro explain his busy schedule here.

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