Tour of Historic Bryant House

When people think of a time capsule most think of an object being buried underground not to be dug up have its items sifted through for years. Walking into the E.W. Bryant House in Tekamah, NE is like walking into a time capsule filled with five generations of history.

The house, a Queen Anne style home, was built in 1890 from schematics drawn by an architect from New York. The first to live in the home were Edward and Rose Bryant. Rose was the granddaughter to the founder of Tekamah, Colonel B.R. Folsom.

The four floors of the home are filled with items from the three generations of the family that lived in the home but also with items from the family two generations prior including the horse hide from the horse B.R. Folsom rode into the area that would eventually be Tekamah.

The E.W. Bryant Home is on the National Register of Historic Places. The home not only contains years and years of history but has stood through so much of America’s history.

To get a feel for the house take more than just reading or listening about it. Take a virtual tour and see what the house looks like from the inside.

The Bryant House has been standing since 1890. Not many things in this part of the world can say that. Here are just a few of the things through US history that the house has stood through.

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