Local blogger hopes to spotlight Lincoln in the fashion world

Nebraska is known for many things.

It’s the land of Husker football.

It’s the birthplace of Runzas.

It’s the home of the only unicameral legislature in the U.S.

One thing Nebraska is not known for is fashion. However, one Lincoln woman is hoping her blog will help put Nebraska on the map in that department.

Mekita Rivas created her lifestyle and fashion blog, Rivas Raves in May 2014. The 25-year-old blogs about everything from her favorite products to her fitness routines.

“My blog is a kind of cocktail I created,” Rivas said. “It’s obviously anchored by fashion and style, but it also has elements of fitness and food.”

Rivas fell into fashion in college, when the editor of her school newspaper approached Rivas to fill in a spot for a fashion columnist. Rivas found that writing about fashion came naturally, and after receiving positive feedback, it became one of her passions.

“The idea was one I’ve had for awhile,” Rivas said. “It felt like now was the right time. I have the free time to do it and pursue it, so why not?”

In addition to her blog, Rivas also has a lively social media presence. She runs a Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram where she posts almost daily.

“I try to do Instagram posts daily, but sometimes it’s closer to fix or six times a week,” Rivas said. “The posts are more what I’m inspired by in the moment. I can’t do outfit photos every single day; it’s just not realistic. Whether it’s after I’ve gotten my nails done and I think they’re really cute, or I just had this really amazing looking brunch, I just try to share what I think might inspire people.”

Posting on Rivas Raves involves multiple steps. Rivas first picks out an outfit, and then selects an environment, which compliments the look she created. Rivas’ boyfriend is her photographer, so he tags along to all photo sessions. Next, Rivas selects which pictures are her favorite, and weeds out the duds. After editing the photos, she posts them to her blog, along with a text post describing the outfit and her inspiration, which Riva tries to keep below 500 words. Lastly, if the item is still available, she posts a link to it, if not, she posts a similar item that people can find at the current time.

Rivas admits that living in Nebraska and publishing a fashion blog does come with some difficulties.

“Living in the Midwest and being away from the coast, where a lot of fashion trends are born, it traditionally takes a while for those trends and looks to come into the center of the country,” Rivas said. “Often, it can be difficult because you’re keeping up with trends that are in a place like New York City, Miami or L.A., and you’re like, ‘Oh I’d really love to wear that, but is it going to be too much for where I’m at, in Nebraska?”

However, Rivas also views her location as one of the strengths of her blog, and feels it is an unexpected addition.

“I think being one of the few fashion bloggers in Lincoln and in Nebraska right now is advantageous for me,” Rivas said. “Not only am I able to make a name for myself, but for Lincoln and Nebraska in places like Miami or L.A. A lot of my network are actually bloggers that are in that huge market, and so getting that validation from people who are living in those larger metropolitan that what I’m doing is relevant and interesting is really cool. And I think it’s great not just for me, but also for where I’m at.”           

In the future, Rivas would like to collaborate with local businesses or boutiques to create mutually beneficial enterprise. As her blog and social media grows, Rivas has no plans to slow down.

“I’m surprised daily at how it’s taken off, especially since I’ve started it basically six months ago,” Rivas said. “It’s hard to stand out. Now that I have done it, and I’ve seen that people are receiving it in a positive way, it’s been so encouraging and motivating to keep doing it, and sharing my style with people.”

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