Michael Snow bio

Snow_Bio_PickMichael Snow is a senior broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. He graduated from Skutt Catholic high school in Omaha, Nebraska in 2011 where he played on the golf team.
He wants to become a play-by-play sports reporter. And if he could pick one job to have it would be to be the play-by-play broadcaster for his favorite MLB team, the Chicago Cubs.

He chose sports broadcasting because, “In high school I knew I wanted to do something in sports and I wasn’t good enough to play so I thought I would talk about it for a living.”
He currently is an intern at 93.7 The Ticket and has previously been an intern at the 1011 news station. He likes to play golf during the summer months and spends his winters snowboarding. Michael’s most frequently used apps are Twitter, Snapchat, and MLB.tv.

Michael talks about what he wants to do after graduation

Michael Snow from CoJMC on Vimeo.






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