A pizza perfect Huskers tailgate

  • Dean packed ingredients for breakfast pizzas including sausage, hash browns, peppers, eggs, cheese, bacon, and some biscuits and gravy sauce for extra flavor.

By: Carly Jensen, NewsNetNebraska

You can see the line from the Huskers stadium for the Pritchard family tailgate. The smell of melted cheese and fresh dough cooking waft through the air. Although the wait can be long, the warm hand-made pizza lives up to its legacy.

The Pritchard family are strong believers that pizza is a great breakfast essential. John Pritchard, father of five to Jack, 26, Mike, 23, twins Jared and Matt, 21, and Claire, 20, drove down from Omaha, Nebraska for the homecoming game. The crew and him set up camp around 7:30 a.m. right outside Memorial Stadium, like they do every Huskers home game.

Jenelle and John Pritchard started their famous tailgate in 1996 after their youngest child, Claire, was born. John says it started out with just his immediate family but it’s crazy now to see how much the event has grown.

Not only does it grow in the number of family members but also with friends, said John.

John Pritchard takes pride in the fact that his kids’ friends call their tailgate the “fun one,” and that he continues to see new faces every game day.

It’s easy to see from the crowd of people laughing, reminiscing and licking their fingers throughout the Pritchard group, that everyone has been looking forward to this gathering.

One of the things they look forward to the most… the food. An easy way to spot the Pritchards is just to look for the big pizza grill. Dean Hart is the owner of Dino’s Eastside Grill in Lincoln, and Jenelle’s cousin. Hart’s always prepared to whip up pizzas right until the game starts.

Mike Pritchard put it’s pretty perfectly when he says, “good food, free beer and great company” are what make the Pritchard tailgate a cherished tradition.

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