Son of Nebraska booster continues family tradition from prime tailgate spot

  • Morton, in the red shirt and khaki pants, prepares his shot. Morton arrived this morning around 7 a.m., and stayed until just after the game ended, before going to the bars downtown with friends, including Babb.


By Nick Gebhart, NewsNetNebraska

From far and wide, at every Nebraska home game, a group of friends meets up at the usual spot: in the corner of the F3/D1 parking lot on UNL campus.

Only a short distance east of Memorial Stadium, this spot and others in the same lot are reserved for the biggest boosters.

The spot is currently owned by Alex Morton, whose father originally purchased the spot, and also owns a suite inside Memorial Stadium. Despite the cost, there were no guarantees of having the tailgate spot on game day.

“These spots are reserved now, but it didn’t always use to be that way,” Morton said. “So we’d come down at about 5 a.m. and set up in this lot.”

The dedication to tailgating inspired Morton to continue his father’s tradition. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and eventually took over the spot after graduating.

“I’ve kind of taken it over the last few years,” Morton said.

Morton, an Omaha native, comes down every Saturday, and many of his friends come from even further distances. Many of them don’t even have tickets to the game.

“I come up every weekend from Kansas City,” said Bryan Babb, who graduated from UNL in 2011 along with Morton.

Babb is one many who come from all over the country to this tailgate spot.

“We get people from Kansas, Minnesota and lots of places,” Morton said. “People try to make it here when they can.”

Because of its close proximity to the stadium, the spot is quite the attraction to Morton’s friends and strangers alike.

“I usually buy a ton of food,” Morton said. “Sometimes we’ll run out during the middle of the day; so many people come by.”

Food is a major part of the tailgate, but many other typical tailgate traditions also take place. Almost everyone there is drinking from a red solo cup. A game of bags broke out.

“Babb!” A friend called out during the middle of the interview. “You’re up.”

And with that, the party resumed.

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