Aspiring reporter embraces hectic lifestyle


By Heather Lancaster, NewsNetNebraska

The three words that keep Rachel Hofstra on her toes are the same three that made her jump from a plane.

Wearing her gray jump suit and a purple helmet, with a parachute on her back no heavier than her regular school backpack, Hofstra stepped out on the tire of the plane and inched out onto the wing. She then waited for the command.

In those brief seconds the flashbacks of the everything-that-could-go-wrong discussion with her jump instructor was running through her head. Then finally she told herself there’s no turning back now –“just do it”.

Then she heard—“GO!” – and she let go.

The military prepared her for the plane jump, where she climbed a three story ladder without a safety harness, and again she told herself to “just do it.”

This is only two of many examples of Hofstra’s ‘JUST DO IT’ moments. Growing up in between her two brothers with her parents in Spirit Lake, Iowa, Hofstra was always on the go.

She enlisted in the Nebraska Army National Guard after graduating from high school.

Now she’s ready to graduate with a bachelor’s in Child Youth and Family Studies, Journalism and Mass Communications. She not only takes 16 credit hours at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln but she works full time at Channel 8.

Hofstra said, “I just do weird things all the time.”

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