Fans infuse tailgate with unique Husker spirit


Susan Asher (left) poses with fellow tailgater, saying they will be fast friends by day’s end

By Michaela Noble, NewsNetNebraska

Sheltered underneath the Lincoln Bridge is a small grouping of tents labeled Agronomy and Curry — a site so close to Memorial Stadium that tailgaters can hear the game in a play-by-play experience, without ever having to abandon their folding chairs, beers, or conversation.

It’s a tailgate that Susan Asher says allows her to meet new people every Saturday.

“Husker fans are always welcoming of other teams,” said Asher, a resident of Waverly, Nebraska. “If we see another fan from another team we’ll always invite them into our tailgate. We’ll give them drinks; we’ll feed them.”

This particular tailgate, put on by Aurora Cooperative (an agronomy-based company), invites its customers, employees and friends of friends (like Asher) to gather under the company name.

The sounds of laughter and crashing blocks from a game of Giant Jenga, lively conversation and echoes from the stadium create an ambient noise that seems signature of the Husker spirit Asher describes.

“I don’t know all these people, but by the end of the day, I will,” she said.

Pointing to a recreational vehicle a few feet away, Asher indicated an Oklahoma woman she met a couple weeks ago — the mother of a Husker cheerleader.

“I sat with her for hours, then she friend requested me on Facebook, and then she messaged me and she’s like, ‘See you this weekend,’” Asher said.

“That’s tailgating.”

Asher talks about the spirit of Husker tailgating: listen

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