Husker fan enjoys a laid-back tailgating tradition

52-year-old Randy Lock enjoys socializing at Husker tailgates.

Randy Lock’s favorite part of tailgating is meeting new people. He said has even met business customers at tailgates.

By Molly Chapple, NewsNetNebraska

Randy Lock has tailgated at almost every home Nebraska football game for the past five years. He and his wife travel an hour and a half from Blair, Nebraska, and they bring only themselves. No booze, burgers or other tailgating necessities need to be packed.

“We don’t have to bring anything,” he said. “We hire a guy who brings all the food and drinks, and basically we just show up.”

Although he has tailgated at other locations before, this is the first year that Lock, a 52-year-old bank president, has been tailgating at Lot 13 near the Lincoln Journal-Star.

“There are four couples from our hometown in Blair that tailgate here,” he said. “And there are 25 people total that are part of it (the tailgate).”

Lock said he is glad he doesn’t have to prepare food and drinks because then he would miss out on his favorite part of tailgating: socializing.

“My favorite part about tailgating is the social interactions with others and meeting new people,” he said. “I have even met customers at tailgates over the years.”

On Saturdays during home games, Lock can be found standing under a tent in Lot 13, surrounded by laughing family members and friends. He said he enjoys tailgating at this location because of the large amount of people to talk to and the entertainment.

“The first two games this year they had DJs playing music,” he said. “It was really great.”

Although Lock has only been tailgating for five years, his roots to Nebraska football are deep. He said he has been a Husker fan his whole life.

“As a kid, I used to play football every Saturday,” he said. “We would have Lyell Bremser on the radio blasting on the sideline while we played football.”

Lock recalls his favorite Husker memory: click here to listen

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