A purr-fect companion for aspiring writer

Max jumped on the couch of the apartment and stretched out so his tail pointed straight into the sky. He slid down and curled himself up into a ball next to Molly Chapple, a Falls City native.

The cat knew he was needed; it was one of those days.MollyC

Chapple, 21, suffered from anxiety when she came to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln four years ago. Chapple is studying to hopefully write in magazines or online blogs about cosmetics. But sometimes the stress takes away the fun of her work.

“I literally cry if I don’t get good grades.”

After trying multiple types of medications she realized nothing would truly make her feel at home if she didn’t have a pet. She had been around animals her whole life; she realized that’s what made her feel relaxed the most.

“I think therapy pets are a good alternative to medication for anyone who is suffering from anxiety, or any disorder or illness for that matter,” she said.

Whether she is stressed, anxious or sad, Chapple says just petting Max is a comfort that can relieve her of her worries.

“He is always waiting by the door when he hears me unlocking my apartment door. He sleeps right beside me at night. Max means the world to me.”

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