How Age Affects Technology use in Lincoln

Multimedia story by: Gage PeakeCarly Jensen, Michael Snow, and Ashley Wolff, NewsNetNebraska

As technology continues to advance, especially mobile and digital technology in today’s society, different generations of people try and keep up with all the change. According to 53 percent of children get a cellular phone at age 6 compared to the fact that only six out of 10 senior citizens even get onto the internet.

Technology is around us at all times and motivates us to do certain things. For example, 47 year old Karin Fusco of Lincoln, Nebraska, said that she did not get a cell phone until she was 35 years old. Fusco also explained what it was like growing up when she was a child—and the absence of using technology like TV’s and video games when she was young.

“We went outside and played, we rode our bikes or played hide and seek. My parents did not really let us watch TV, so you got home and went outside—mowed the yard, we had chores we had to do—cooked dinner,” Fusco said. “ It wasn’t like any of this you see today, we did not have any computers.”

Compare that to eight-year-old Sophie Flynn of Lincoln, Nebraska, who sometimes goes outside to play with her friends or siblings, but most of the time is inside playing either on her tablet or watching television.

“Me and my sister like to play soccer, but after like 20 or 30 minutes we kick the ball so we have to go get it and trick each other, then we just run inside because we get so bored—and also we get really hot,” said Flynn.

The one college student that was interviewed for this topic, Adam Furly (21) also mentioned how much he uses technology on a regular basis—while not being a child like Flynn, Furly continues to show the lack of “playing with friends outside,” mentality that Fusco had when she was growing up.

“I like to go to the bars, I am of age,” Furly said. “I also like to hang out with friends, play video games and watch TV.”

The different age groups also view and take in their news in a lot of different ways now compared to the past. According to Flynn, the eight-year-old mostly relies on her father for her news, but also mainly uses an app on her phone or tablet to get the news she desires.

“Sometimes I watch the Today Show or Fox News, sometimes my dad has an app that is the Fox News app,” she said.

According to Fusco, back when she was growing up most everyone read the newspaper or listened to the news on the radio or even watched it on the television. Now, she has not picked up a newspaper in the past several years and relies mostly on the internet.

“I don’t read the newspaper at all, I do watch the morning news usually,” Fusco said. “Internet a lot, MSNBC pops up and I read that and I also read all the time.”

Same went for Furly, as the Millennial uses only multimedia websites and other applications for his news.

“I go on the internet a lot, looking at sports and also the radio, I don’t watch a lot of TV news though.”



This link displays an interactive map of Lincoln, Nebraska that shows the median resident age by specific neighborhoods. Click here to find the median age for your neighborhood!



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