Timeline to terrorism: Coverage of the French terrorist attacks

ParisTerrorismHundreds of shots and multiple explosions were heard at dawn this week in Saint-Denis, France a suburb north of Paris, where heavily armed police carried out a raid intended to catch the mastermind of last Friday’s attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The raid resulted in two dead, one of them Abaaoud, and seven arrested. Officials confirmed Abaaoud was among those killed in the raid.
In light of continuing developments, and in the aftermath of last Friday’s tragedy in France, this live updating timeline by Graphiq presents updated coverage of related events as soon they are available after confirmation. The graphic also includes a history of deaths due to terrorism in France as well as a map of ISIS’s global strategy.
The graphic data is curated by findthedata.com and sourced from the Global Terrorism Database and the Associated Press.

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