American helps Nicaraguan youth escape life on the streets

This video tells the story of some Nicaraguan children and their journey from a life of crime and addiction on the street to a life of rehabilitation and fellowship.

In the city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, many young people, ranging in age from eight to 16, flee to escape abusive lives at home. They spend their days on the streets, robbing and begging for money to support their addictions to alcohol, glue and other drugs. Some of them say they have even used crack.

This story follows Amanda Ecklesdafer, an American volunteer worker, and her work to rehabilitate willing street kids at El Hijo De Prodigo, a drug addiction rehabilitation center in Matiguas, Nicaragua, just outside the city of Matagalpa. The center, founded by former notorious gangster, Don Juan Sosa, uses fellowship, learning and skill building to rehabilitate the children to the point where they are comfortable and skilled enough to return to the city, get a job and live a clean and sober life.

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