Feb. 26: Shooting in Kansas ends in 4 deaths, 14 injuries

Want to sound smarter to friends, professors and parents?  We harvested the cream of the crop of the past week’s news and handpicked what to keep an eye on next week.

Kansas gunman kills 3 before turning gun on self

Shooter was issued restraining order hours before


Police gather outside the site of a shooting at Excel Industries on Feb. 25, 2016. (Photo by Fernando Salazar/Wichita Eagle/TNS via Getty Images)

A man opened fire on three different sites near Hesston, Kansas, on Feb. 25. The shooter, Cedric Larry Ford, was a worker at an Excel Industries plant, one of the shooting locations. He died there later after a confrontation with police. During investigations, law enforcement found out his girlfriend issued a restraining order against him shortly before the shootings. (ABC News)



UNL chancellor finalist focuses on relationships, community

Sabah Randhawa became the first of four finalists seeking the chancellor position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to visit the campus Feb. 22. Randhawa, currently the provost of Oregon State University, said he would build new relationships to make UNL a national leader in student success rates.  (Lincoln Journal Star)

Chancellor finalist Mason: No need for big changes

April Mason, a finalist to replace outgoing University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman, said the university does not need any “repaving.” Instead, Mason said if she is selected, she will continue leading UNL on its current course. Mason visited the campus Feb. 24-25. Two other finalists will visit next week.  (UNL Today)

Trump picks up another win with Nevada caucus

The Donald finished 22 points ahead of second-place finisher Marco Rubio in Nevada Feb. 23. What’s next? Trump is confident as ever, but Rubio is trying to unite Republican leaders behind him in an attempt to take down Trump. (New York Times)

Take this quick quiz to see which candidate you match up with here. (CNN)

Clinton increases lead with Nevada win

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Democratic caucuses against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 5 percentage points Feb. 20. She by won 76 percent of the African-American vote, according to entrance polls, and her popularity among that group is expected to propel her to an easy victory in South Carolina Feb. 27. (FiveThirtyEight)


Facebook rolled out a new line of emojis Feb. 24, 2016. (Source: Facebook)

New emojis have arrived on Facebook

Now when users log on to Facebook, they’ll have more options than to just “like” a post. Users can choose from the new Reactions buttons, such as “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” “angry” and “love.” The debut of Reactions is an attempt to increase user engagement, much like Twitter’s adoption of a “like” option in the form of a heart emoji. (NPR)

Apple fights back against FBI with new iPhone security measures

Apple engineers are trying to create security measures that would make it more difficult to hack iPhones. This is in response to the FBI’s request for Apple to create a backdoor to unlock the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. (New York Times)

What’s poppin’ in Germany? ‘Mein Kampf’

Adolf Hitler’s autobiography and fascist manifesto, “Mein Kampf,” is the second best-selling book in Germany, according to Der Spiegel, a German weekly. The State of Bavaria had prohibited printing the book for 70 years, but it lost the copyright in December 2016. (The Washington Post)

UNL speech and debate team wins Big Ten title

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln speech and debate team won the Big Ten title for the fifth year in a row at the Conference Challenge Tournament Feb. 20-21. The team finished more than 100 points ahead of runner-up Northwestern University, the host of the tournament. (UNL Today)


Pope Francis argues for abolishing the death penalty at St. Peter’s Square Feb. 21, 2016. (Photo by EPA)

Pope Francis calls to end death penalty worldwide

Pope Francis wants a worldwide end to the death penalty, saying the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” extends to the guilty and not guilty. Historically, the church has allowed the death penalty in extreme cases, but times are a changin’. The pope queued up his strong stance to support an international conference against the death penalty that began Feb. 22 in Rome. (The Guardian)

Minorities still left out of Hollywood’s ‘white boys’ club,’ study says

A new study of the entertainment industry found “Hollywood has a diversity problem. The film industry still functions as a straight, white, boy’s club.” Results showed women, LGBT actors and racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in Hollywood. This study comes right before the Feb. 28 Oscars, which have been criticized for having mostly white nominees. (CNN)

Northwest noise: Strange sound puzzles Oregon town

For the past few weeks, residents of Forest Grove, Oregon, have been hearing a loud, high-pitched sound at night. The noise, which you can listen to by following the link, can reportedly last several minutes at a time. Local police have not yet determined the sound’s source. (The Washington Post)



Chelsea Clinton will campaign for her mom in Lincoln Feb. 29. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Super Tuesday is make-or-break day for candidates with voting in 12 states, 1 U.S. territory (AL.com)

Women’s week events from March 5 to 18 to “Inform, empower, inspire action (UNL Student Involvement)


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