Bernie Sanders comes to Lincoln

By Joe Harris

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will visit Lincoln tomorrow afternoon.

Sanders’ visit comes at a time when he’s trailing his opponent Hillary Clinton by more than 600 delegates.

Senator Bernie Sanders will speak at the Lied Center on Thursday at 12:30pm. (Photo courtesy of

Senator Bernie Sanders will speak at the Lied Center on Thursday at 12:30pm. (Photo courtesy of

UNL political science professor John Hibbing said the Democratic nomination procedure is at an interesting stage.

“Hillary Clinton is obviously the frontrunner, but she hasn’t closed the door yet, so Sanders still has a chance,” Hibbing said. “Clinton hasn’t really demonstrated the ability to win consistently outside the South, and so I think that makes Nebraska an interesting state.”

Hibbing said despite Clinton and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump having successful nights on Super Tuesday, their opponents are not out of the picture yet.

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Vince Powers expects a huge turnout for Sanders’ visit.

“It will be packed,” Powers said. “There will be a thousand people turned away.”

Powers said Clinton spoke to a crowd capacity of 1,000 during her visit in Omaha, but expects Sanders to fill his capacity of 2,100. He also said he thinks the media attention will be much bigger for Sanders’ event because it’s closer to the Nebraska caucus date.

Powers said it’s too close to call at this time which candidate Nebraska Democratic delegates are leaning toward, but Sanders’ visit will be important.

“I think it’ll have a big impact…I expect that it will be a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and it will give him a great deal of momentum.”

Powers did mention, however, that Bill Clinton will be coming to Omaha and Lincoln as well. He will visit both cities this Friday, although there are no further details at this time.

“Unbelievable. We’ve got an election! I love this!” Powers said.`

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Hibbing said Nebraska has only 30 Democratic delegates out of the Democratic Convention’s total of 4,783, but the Nebraska caucus comes at a crucial time. Sanders’ momentum from his late victories on Super Tuesday can continue with the Nebraska caucus, or be stifled by Clinton.

Sanders will speak at the Lied Center of Performing Arts at 1 p.m. Doors will open at 11 a.m. and seating will be on a first come first serve basis.

















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