Lincolnites celebrate First Friday artists and art

A spring-like evening helped create a bustling First Friday as Lincoln residents came out to celebrate the city’s arts and artists.

At the Sheldon Museum, a crowd gathered for a dance party, where girls in dresses swayed alongside dads cradling children.

At Stella Collective, dancing was replaced with sangria and ceramics. Michelle Burford was spending her Friday night here.

“I thought having the event on (First Friday) would be a fun and good way to have my collection here after,” said Burford, a UNL ceramics artist.

Across the street, Parrish Studios was filled with artists ranging from sculptors to musicians to screen printers. In the corner, AZP, a Lincoln native R&B group, debuted their new EP, “Triangles.”  The room was only lit by the glow of the TV that displayed their EP artwork – a man wearing a lucha libre mask surrounded by flying doves.

“We’ll be here listening to it on repeat,” said Zachary Watkins, AZP vocalist.

Music expanded into the halls, creating a cacophony of genres intermixed with conversation.

A few doors down, Shalya Marsh’s exhibit was silent. “Loose Ends,” was a debut to the pieces that didn’t make it into her thesis but were special to Marsh. Sketches turned to sculpture adorned the walls. The theme of knots and tangles threaded its way through all of her pieces, swallowed by white space.

A wide variety of people stopped to admire her work; they all were connected for just a moment on Friday night.

“I like the way the knot and tangle are symbols for relationship,” Marsh said.

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