Children start the day with Saturday ballet

  • Ballet instructor Caroline Pamart Howard demonstrates first pose of dance routine.

The wooden floor and quaint space makes the rundown Lincoln building seem hollow. But a tranquil melody begins to play, filling the room with life.

Four children stand before Carolina Pamart Howard, peering at their feet as they shift back and forth to mimic the woman’s pose.

“Take your space,” says the ballet teacher and a native of France. She gently leads them through a routine. listen

It’s only been three weeks since she started teaching the class, but Howard’s confidence reveals she is no stranger to the art of dance.

“I always wanted to be a teacher,” she said.

Likely enough, her home country is the reason she desired to purse this hobby in the first place.

“Where I come from, it is cheap to learn dance, music and theater,” she said. “It is quite different in the U.S.”

Howard recognized this issue and decided to take action. After coming across the SP CE Commons, a space available for creative purposes without charge, Howard found the opportunity to teach dance for free.

“Money is not a goal for me,” she said.

The class is a part of a two-month series that is held at the Commons on Saturdays. Howard said that if the children like it and keep coming back, then she will continue with the classes.

“That is how I feel that I am giving something back to my community.”

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