Ice skater takes advantage of Lincoln’s offerings

She maneuvers the skating rink with ease.

For Madison Corrie, it’s a lifestyle.

The high school freshman has been ice skating ever since she was little and still skates recreationally as much as possible.

“I did figure skating for four years in elementary school, and I try to keep up with it as much as I can,” Corrie said.

That would explain why on a sunny Sunday afternoon, you can find her perfecting her craft at the ice rink on Canopy Street in downtown Lincoln’s Railyard.

She knows what she’s doing. The proof: she zips on the straightaways and cuts the ice for sharp turns.

She laughs when asked what she likes about skating.

“I like that it improves balance and strength, but it is also just a great recreational activity,” she said.

She raves about the new rink in Downtown Lincoln, which first opened in December of 2013.

“I love seeing all the people out here having a good time, and with it being downtown, it gives a great atmosphere,” she said.

Corrie encourages anyone who hasn’t ever ice skated to give it a try.

“It can be challenging, but once you get out there and start skating; it’s not as hard as you think it is.”

  • Madison Corrie, 14, recreationally skates in downtown Lincoln.

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