Lincoln couple creates “Fabulous” memories while shopping

  • Fabulous Finds is located at 2702 N 49th St, Lincoln. It is one block from the Nebraska Wesleyan campus in northeast Lincoln.

Just like its eggshell-colored exterior, the clothes inside the Fabulous Finds thrift store are a little worn.

That doesn’t stop Dianna Sanderson from forcing her husband, Newel, to come in and search for a new shirt or two.

“She says I have to get all my clothes here,” says Newel, a Vietnam veteran who flew troop transport planes during the war.

“I said it’s 50 percent off, you have to look,” corrects his wife, who has volunteered at the store each weekend for eight years.

“She’s always bringing home something for someone,” quips Newel, as he flips through a rack of button-down shirts.

With three children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren, there are plenty of “someones” in the Sanderson family.

“We’re going to go see the youngest great grandchild this afternoon,” says Diana, as she sorts through a pile of knit women’s sweaters.

She isn’t bringing home any surprises this particular Saturday, but she recalls finding a pinstripe suit for her grandson.

She says she saw him just days earlier, suit and all, on Ash Wednesday in church.

“He dressed up because there was going to be a little girl there he wanted to impress.”

Newel Sanderson says Fabulous Finds offers quality, flexibility: 

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