Lincoln residents head to bakery for gluten-free sweets

  • Maria Applegarth is the owner of Le Cupcake. She's been creating decorative baked goods for 17 years.

Some Lincoln residents headed to Le Cupcake, a gourmet cupcake bakery, on the Saturday afternoon before Valentine’s Day to fulfill their sweet tooth.

The South Lincoln bakery strays from the ordinary by catering to customers who crave gluten-free desserts.

John Stoeckinger has been going to Le Cupcake for years for his wife, who suffers from celiac disease. He walked into the bakery on Feb. 13 to buy his wife an extra Valentine’s Day gift.

He said he’s more of a “salty guy,” but his wife loves the cupcakes. He even received an extra free package of cupcakes for his wife’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Le Cupcake is owned by Maria Applegarth, who has been decorating cupcakes and other baked goods for 17 years. She said her favorite things to make are custom cakes, like wedding cakes.

“I love doing custom cakes because it’s fun to do the custom work,” she said. “I love meeting new brides and hearing their story.”

Right now it isn’t wedding season, so she sees a decline in custom cakes. But she said sales of the cupcakes, macaroons and cakes pick up more because they are gluten free.

One of the reasons Le Cupcake went gluten-free was because Applegarth’s baker has celiac disease.  And gluten-free dough holds together and is better for baking, she added.

Stoeckinger has high praise for bakery.

“I’ve tried places all over town, but no other one compares,” he said. “They’re the best on the planet.”

 Applegarth takes about her why she loves her job:


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