Paint Yourself Silly offers a fun Saturday night alternative

  • Jordyne Vanselow's snail isn't the first piece she has painted at Paint Yourself Silly. Last time she painted a mug.

A dragon perches on the shelf. A snail big enough to fill the palm of a hand sits next to it, its multicolored shell facing the Paint Yourself Silly customers.

The dragon belongs to Travis Taylor, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln music education major who painted it for his little sister.

“Last time I made a creepy troll,” Taylor said.

Jordyne Vanselow, on the other hand, painted a mug the last time she was at Paint Yourself Silly. On this Saturday, Feb. 13 the UNL art education major was back, along with others, and painting a snail with antennae eyes and tiny smirk.

She said she was looking for something to do — her mom was in town and had never been before. The Creamery Building was a natural choice.

“Even if you’re not super artistic you can still make something,” Vanselow said, “and there’s ice cream right next door.”

David Magnuson and Jill Payer were painting for another reason. Magnuson, a UNL criminal justice major, was determined to paint the new helmet of the Huskers. He painted the stripe of his bisque football helmet in the color that most resembled the team’s.

Jill Payer laughed at his lofty claims. The UNL nursing major chose a mug and concentrated on painting a lavender “J.”

“I only have one coffee mug,” she said. “I could use at least another one.”

Magnuson and Payer talk about what they’d be doing if they weren’t at Paint Yourself Silly:

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