Paint Yourself Silly offers unique Saturday night out

  • Patrons paint themselves silly on Saturday Feb. 13, 2016 at the Paint Yourself Silly in Pioneer Woods. Jenn Bassen opened the Pioneer Woods location in May 2007.
Chatter seems to bounce off the colorful walls at Paint Yourself Silly in southeast Lincoln.

Kate Butterfield loves the friendly atmosphere. It’s what has brought her back this Saturday evening for a sixth visit.

“It’s a fun environment,” she said. “You get to just hang out and enjoy painting.”

In her hands is a lid with a white bicycle popping out. As she laughs with her sister, her brush dances over the chalky surface and leaves a glossy coat of sky blue paint.

Walking between the sprawling tables is the owner, Jenn Bassen, a firm believer in the power of handmade gifts. Bassen was inspired after her brother gave her a handmade mug for Christmas.

“I was just floored because it was something I could use. It was something personal and it was meaningful,” Bassen said. listen

Bassen opened the first store in the Haymarket in May 2000. In May of 2007 she opened this second location in southeast Lincoln at Pioneer Woods. The Pioneer Woods location attracts both couples and Paint Yourself Silly veterans like Butterfield, while the downtown location is more prone to couples looking for a new date idea. To Bassen, Paint Yourself Silly offers an experience that can be hard to find elsewhere.

“There’s not too many dates that you can go on where you can also sit and have a conversation with someone.”

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