March 11: No presidential winner in ASUN elections

Want to sound smarter to friends, professors and parents?  We harvested the cream of the crop of the past week’s news and handpicked what to keep an eye on next week.

ASUN’s Radiate, Elevate to face off in runoff election

Neither party received a majority of student votes untitled1untitled2

Radiate and Elevate parties will participate in election runoff.  (Daily Nebraskan)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students will vote again for student leaders on March 15, after candidates failed to win a majority in Wednesday’s Association of Students of the University of Nebraska election. Students voted on a variety of topics, including executive candidates and funding increases for various programs around campus. In the executive battle, according to the ASUN Electoral Commission rules, both the president and internal vice president need to secure a majority of the votes. If not, then the top two parties battle it out in a runoff election.

Elevate’s Leemah Nasrati and Spencer Creal received 40 percent for president and internal vice president, while Radiate’s Spencer Hartman and Laurel Oetken received 34 percent. (Daily Nebraskan)



Uber responds to sex assault complaint findings

Buzzfeed conducted an investigation of Uber’s customer support tickets and found a large volume including the words “rape” or “sexual assault.” Shortly after these results were published, Uber said the numbers were inaccurate and gave possible explanations for the results. An Uber representative said, “ Even one incident of this nature is one too many.” However, the company would not allow Buzzfeed access to its data.   (Buzzfeed)


View of the total solar eclipse from Ternate, Indonesia.  (Bay Ismoyo / AFP / Getty Images)

Rare solar eclipse pops up in Southeast Asia

A total solar eclipse occurred March 9 over three different time zones in Southeast Asia. NASA provided a live-streamed telescope view of the event for people outside the eclipse’s path. Forty million people had the chance to see it in person and celebrated in many ways.  (Buzzfeed)

Lincoln school teacher rises to stardom

Arnold Elementary preschool teacher Hannah Huston turned three chairs on the hit show “The Voice,” after her rendition of Allen Stone’s “Unaware.” She had a difficult choice as coaches Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton fought to have her on their team. She ultimately picked Williams. Audiences will have to see how long Arnold remains in the spotlight. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Japan continues radiation cleanup from disaster

Five years after the earthquake and tsunami that caused one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents, the fight to contain radiation continues. Around 7,000 employees work at Fukushima. They have made a few advances in the work, but an estimate states it could be 40 years before the job is finished. Another says it could be a century before a full cleanup is finished.  (New York Times )

Nebraska shows its love for Bernie


Bernie Sanders visits Lincoln right before Nebraska caucus. (Tyler Meyer, Daily Nebraskan)

Nebraskans across the state headed to the polls Sunday for the Democratic caucus. Bernie Sanders won the vote with a whopping 15,874 votes, compared with Hillary Clinton’s 12,293. It’s no surprise the figures in Lancaster County, which includes Lincoln, were 3,210-1,969,  respectively, because of the large turnout of University of Nebraska-Lincoln students. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Hillary and Bernie duke it out for Hispanic vote

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discussed immigration reform during the debate Wednesday. Both candidates put in their best efforts to win the hearts of Hispanics across the nation. Clinton showed her support for the needs of immigrant families and said she would break down the barriers in employment and housing. Sanders, on the other hand, appealed to the young people, liberals and working-class white voters (the people who have helped him in earlier primaries).  (New York Times)

Sony may or may not break up with Dr. Luke

A report says Sony Music Entertainment will stop working with Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke’s attorney responded by saying there have been no such conversations with Sony. This comes after singer/songwriter Kesha accused Dr. Luke of sexual and verbal assault. Kesha and Sony did not comment.  (Time)

U.S. special forces capture top chemical arms engineer

The U.S. announced it captured the top chemical weapons engineer who worked for ISIS. The special forces team made this capture last month, but the U.S. kept it under wraps until now. He is being questioned about ISIS and its plans for weapon use. The U.S. refuses to release his name; however, two Iraqi intelligence officials say the man is Sleiman Daoud al-Afari. (New York Times)

Omaha zoo welcomes 6 elephants from Africa

The Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is one of three facilities in the U.S. that receiving elephants from Swaziland. Originally, 18 elephants were to fly to their new homes, but one died before the departure. Omaha got six. The elephants landed in Fort Worth, Texas, arrived Friday. The exhibit is scheduled to open Memorial Day. (Omaha World-Herald)

6 people die in Pennsylvania backyard party shooting

Two gunmen killed six members of a family in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, including a woman who was eight months pregnant. Authorities are counting the fetus as one of the fatalities. Three others were wounded, two who are in critical condition. The gunmen remain unidentified and are at large. Authorities say the attack was premeditated and calculated but don’t have solid details beyond that.  (CNN)

Manning remembers Colts as he leaves football

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning retired Monday after 18 years in the NFL. Of course, he couldn’t say goodbye without mentioning the team that was home for over three quarters of his career, the Indianapolis Colts. (ESPN)



March Madness begins March 13 with selection Sunday (ESPN)

Primaries, caucuses continue March 15 in multiple states including Ohio, Florida, Illinois (CNN)

Spring forward: Daylight Saving Time begins March 13 (USA Today)


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