UNL celebrates women’s history month

Anthony Ainslie


Women’s Week continues at UNL with its multiple celebrations of women’s accomplishments on tackling different issues and inspiring change in today’s world.

The university’s collection of events to commemorate the great contributions women have made to society started on March 5 and runs up through March 18. The nearly two- week long celebration includes many different meetings, festivals and lectures put on by UNL students and university departments.

Dr. Jan Deeds, the associate director for the UNL Women’s Center, said she is glad so many different students take the time to put on and participate in the different events Women’s Week provides.

“It’s [Women’s Week] owned by the University. It’s more than just the Women’s Center’s Women’s Week,” Deeds said.Women

The lectures and events cover many different issues. There are many lectures about leadership, sexual health, physical health, history

Deeds said the many different events are a great way to raise awareness in the different ways women contribute to society. This year’s Women’s Week included a Native American film festival at the Mary Riepma Ross theatre, displays in the Sheldon Museum of Art, and multiple luncheons featuring different guest speakers.

One of the events that took place this year was the Wiki Edit-athon, where students researched women in different fields and issues and did their best to edit Wikipedia to include the history students of found. The Women’s Center received a five- dollar donation for every complete edit, and this year, the University raised $255.

Holly Kearl, one of the guest speakers, stopped by for an interview between meetings before giving a lecture tonight at the Student Union. Street harassment is unwanted conduct, and it can classify as sexual harassment, she said. Kearl is the founder of the Stop Street Harassment organization and the author of three books. Her organization’s website includes a blog featuring stories of victims of street harassment as well as advice to help deal with harassers, harassment statistics, and how her organization helps raise awareness.

Kearl’s lecture will feature stories she has collected from people about street harassment. She said she plans to also let her audience tell their own stories. This is Kearl’s first ever visit to Nebraska, and she is looking for many good stories to share during her stay and for future travels.

Kearl also said her lecture will also help educate men and women about what street harassment looks like. She said she will talk about what are some common forms of conduct and how street harassment is different depending on a person’s gender, race and sexual orientation. She will also give audience members a look at what street harassment looks like in other countries of the world.

Through the many different events and lectures given throughout UNL’s Women’s Week, students will have the opportunity to further their knowledge about what issues are most commonly faced by women and what students can do to get involved and promote and participate in social changes in the modern world.

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