Lincoln teacher finds her voice

By  Lianna Prill

Lincoln Public Schools teacher Hannah Huston might reconsider her career path after her recent advancement to the live shows on NBC’s The Voice.

Huston put Nebraska on the map with her blind audition when three of the four judges turned their chairs, and now, she is still in the running for winning the show.

Hannah’s sister, Rachel, is enjoying the experience, too.


Hannah with her sister and mother after a performance on The Voice.

I just got approved today to go out for the live shows, so I’m really excited,” she said.

Rachel also works at a school and says all of the teachers ask about her sister. She also receives a lot of texts and phone calls on the nights Hannah performs.

“To see Nebraskans you don’t even know supporting her is special,” Rachel said.

She also says Hannah had a good head on her shoulders from the beginning—and people agree.

Family friend Brittany Albin says, “She is one of the best people you can have—so real and authentic—and a good representative of the Nebraska nice.”


Hannah’s family backstage at the blind auditions.

Hannah is deep rooted in her Christian faith and sees The Voice as a blessing that she’s going to roll with, Rachel said. Even though Hannah loves teaching, singing is very life giving to her.
Recently, Hannah’s version of “House of the Rising Sun” landed on the iTunes chart ahead of her favorite artists, Adele and Sia.

When Rachel saw this, she giggled and told her mom who said jokingly, “Oh yeah, of course that’s happening!”

Their reactions were to be expected since Hannah’s journey and success were unplanned.

Last year, she was emailed about auditions and thought they were spam, so she ignored them. After more emails and encouragement from family and friends, Hannah auditioned in Omaha twice.

Omaha producers liked what they heard, and Hannah was off to Los Angeles.

Hannah discovered her abilities in these last couple years, Rachel said.  Either way she’s soaking up the experience and enjoying the journey of finding her voice.

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