Lee says chancellor will benefit UNL

By Joe Harris and Anthony Ainslie

The chancellor position plays a key role in the success of any university campus.

UNL Director of Communications Melissa Lee.

UNL Director of Communications Melissa Lee.

UNL’s Chancellor-elect Ronnie Green has some big shoes to fill following soon-to-be-former Chancellor Harvey Perlman.

UNL Director of Communications Melissa Lee says Green is a good fit for the role of chancellor.

Lee says Green, “has the advantage of working at the university already, so he knows the place well.”

Green served as Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the University of Nebraska system.

Lee made reference to President Hank Bounds’ statement saying UNL is the largest of the four Nebraska campuses, so the leadership at UNL is very important to the success of the entire university system as well as the state’s economy.

With all the hype around the new chancellor, many may get the impression the he is the campus’ supreme ruler of sorts. Some may have questions about how much this will affect student lives.

Lee says the chancellor is the “top person” with the overall responsibility of operations on campus, though the chancellor normally delegates the responsibility of things such as meal plans to housing directors or other staff.

Although the chancellor could choose to get involved in any matters he wants, students living on campus shouldn’t dread Green having them strictly eating, say, pickled trout.

Lee says, “Dr. Green is an ag guy. He understands agriculture and… the importance of meats in the daily diet, so I don’t think students have to fear that.”

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