Students unsure who new chancellor-elect really is

Bailey Hurley, Audra Moore, Lauren Reams

Ronnie Green, the new chancellor-elect at UNL.

Ronnie Green, the new chancellor-elect at UNL.

Plenty of things take nine months to come to fruition. For some people, it’s having a baby. For the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, it was finding a new chancellor.

On April 6, UNL’s president, Hank Bounds, announced Ronnie Green as the university’s 20th chancellor. Green’s appointment is still pending as he awaits the vote of the Board of Regents at their next meeting on May 25.

In a message to UNL colleagues, friends and stakeholders, Green says, “It is an unbelievable honor, privilege and responsibility to have been designated as your next chancellor.”

Green is currently the Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UNL. He began in 2010 and holds a number of vice president and vice chancellor positions within the university system.

With all of this chancellor talk, many students hear about the process and receive several emails, but don’t know what the chancellor really does.

Several students at the UNL Union offered guesses about who they thought the new chancellor is and what the chancellor actually does.

Students hang out outside the UNL Union.

Students hang out outside the UNL Union.

One UNL student, Margaret Silhasek, knew his last name is Green. As for what the chancellor does, Silhasek says, “All I know is that he oversees student affairs.”

Another UNL student says, “Something Green, right? He’s basically in charge of the university. I hope he can make it more happening.”

Other guesses for the new chancellor’s name included Dan, Bill and David. Even though students may not know Green’s name yet, they all knew UNL had a new chancellor.

As for what a chancellor does, some students guessed he was the determining vote of all-important decisions on campus, has the final say and is basically a rule-maker.

The Directory of Communications for UNL, Melissa Lee, said many calls have come into the office about the appointment of chancellor-elect Green. She says, “It’s been an exciting week. We take it as a positive sign that people are interested in Ronnie and the university.” She also shed some light on the duties of a chancellor.

Lee says, “He’s the chief executive officer of campus. He deals with the budget, academics and appoints college deans. He would also hire the athletic director if necessary in the future, which is obviously a big deal here.”

Students though have their own hopes and ideas for the new chancellor. Each student wants the chancellor to be more student-involved and hear their voices on campus.

Other suggestions include allowing alcohol on university grounds, encouraging diversity education and creating more campus-wide events for students.

One thing students know for sure is how the chancellor has the ability to cancel school. Usually this happens during the winter in regard to snow days.

When asked, Lee was not sure how Green feels about snow days and Green was unavailable for a comment. Students will no doubt be vocal when the time arises to possibly cancel school. For now, only time, and the weather, will tell how Green will handle it.


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