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LINCOLN, Neb. – Matt Rigby, Jack Housenga, Seth Korte, Kellan Heavican

The recent hiring of new University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green has people around the state asking one simple question: who is he?

One man may have a more insightful answer to that than most. Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film Professor, William Grange, has had multiple encounters with Green over the years.

UNL Professor William Grange

UNL Professor William Grange

When asked what those encounters were like, Grange gave nothing but positive remarks., saying Green is open to everyone.

“The biggest thing is academic freedom. Free speech has been in danger on college campuses around the country lately. Ronnie will let you say anything you want to.”

While many students around campus feel apathetic towards the chancellor position because it doesn’t include them directly, Grange says he understands why this is the case.

“We don’t deal with him entirely as professors; it’s too big of a role. But, he has to set policies. A state university is really a bureaucracy when it comes down to it.”

Grange also understands the importance of the role of chancellor and what being a successful one is really all about.

“The most important job of the chancellor is to keep a winning football team going for the alumni, make sure that the faculty has enough parking spots, and make sure the undergraduates get enough beer.”

Although Grange admitted he was halfway kidding, he does stress the importance for Green to interact with students throughout his upcoming tenure.

Green will officially become the active chancellor on July 1.


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