Food, fun part of Lancaster County Super Fair


The Lancaster County Super Fair, which began on Aug. 4 and runs through Aug. 13, is currently the place to be in Lincoln.

Each day brings new activities, many of them free with admission. These include rodeos, beer and wine tastings, pig races, antique tractor shows and a demolition derby. In addition, free nightly shows will be performed at the Pepsi Main Stage. The event is being held at the Lancaster Event Center, located at 4100 North 84th Street.

The Heart of America Midway Carnival is open daily with games, rides and food. This year, the fair is offering several new additions, including: helicopter rides, a zip line and three daily shows of Vicenta Page’s White Tigers, a show that features six white Bengal tigers.

Livestock competitions are being held at the Super Fair as well. Among the different competitions are: Beef Cattle, Boer Goat, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat, Dog Agility, Dog Obedience, Llama, Pigeon, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep and Swine Shows.

“There is something out here for everybody,” said Amy Dickerson, managing director of the Lancaster Event Center. “You can’t see everything on one trip.”

Something that you can see (and taste) on one trip is food. And the Super Fair has plenty of it.

Fried HoHos from King’s Funnel Cakes, ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at Frozen 4 U, popcorn from Ol’ Glory Kettle Corn and fresh-baked cookies from JoJo’s Cookie Kart are just a few of the food items that will be offered.

The fair expects about 140,000 visitors this year, similar to 2014 and 2015.

One of the Heart of America Carnival crew members, Jay, operates one of the many games being offered at the Super Fair. He declined to give his last name.

His game tests a person’s ability to accurately throw a football into different hoops around his tent. Jay estimates his tent costs about $8,000 to operate.

“It’s my manager’s baby,” Jay said.

Jay is one of many Heart of America Carnival crew members who travels with the carnival around the country. Crew members travel with the Carnival from January 15th to December 15th (336 days) with no days off. The Carnival travels through five different states and 43 different cities over the course of each calendar year.

Joey, a 31 year old from Seattle, Washington, said the crew lives in a company provided bunkhouse when they are in each different town. He also declined to give his last name.

“I’m very comfortable there, it’s where I stay all year,” Joey said.

The game Joey runs at the Super Fair is called Machine Gun Alley, and he has been running this particular game for about two and a half years. Machine Gun Alley, which costs $5 to play, is a game where people attempt to shoot out the star that is hanging out in front of them.

“People from all ages win it. There is people ranging from the age of 6 to 60,” Joey said.

Joey admits that going 336 days each year without getting a chance to see his loved ones is very difficult, and probably the most grueling part of what he does. But it’s not all bad.

“When I get to see families that are having a good time, when you see them smiling and laughing, that’s probably the most rewarding part (of what I do),” Joey said.

Fair coordinator Trudy Pedley, who has been involved for nearly three decades, believes that the annual fair brings people together and offers an appreciation of Lincoln’s agricultural heritage.

“The Lancaster County fair is an opportunity for the community to experience the true value of our agricultural heritage and our economy. It provides us a way to educate and to promote a sense of community,” Pedley said.

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