Susan Ranta: Weaving a life of adventure

Inside Lancaster County Super Fair‘s static exhibit building sits a woman whose life is anything but static.

Susan Ranta claims she still doesn’t know who she will be when she grows up — and her track record is full of adventure.


Ranta credits her University of Nebraska-Lincoln six-year career for her curiosity and skill set. She studied advertising and journalism while married with two children. On top of a hectic schedule, she worked for the Daily Nebraskan and managed to squeeze in an internship at the National Press Association. She was paid in film, and photographed events from a helicopter, springboarding a photojournalism passion.


After college, she joined the Professional Photographers of America and captured weddings. In the end, capturing inanimate objects was more enjoyable.

“Photography will last as long as my legs do,” she said.

Near the end of her career as a news photographer, weaving joined the mix.

In 2012, Ranta started learning how to weave at the Hand Weaver’s Guild of Lincoln where weaving and spinning classes are held. The creative outlet was quite easy to learn, and the instructors at the guild were great with teaching, she said.

“I’m still a work in progress,” she said.

Now, she teaches young children at the fair and art shows in the community. She also put her journalism knowledge to use by making the table brochures.

While Ranta perfected her weaving techniques, she said she also became curious about other adventures.

In 2013, Ranta traveled to Africa to photograph wild animals, and it was a success. The shots were featured in Noyes Art Gallery in downtown Lincoln, and she’s planning her second trip next June.

Listening to Ranta, she weaves adventures through her life like her weaving hobby. She said there’s no reason to do something you don’t like.

“Go find something else to do … there’s a whole world out there,” she said.

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