Pair travels in search of clarity, sky-diving adventure

Lori Manera has a sales pitch: she wants to package and sell the craziest moment in a person’s life.

Manera, 23, is a traveling video editor from Waialua, Hawaii at Skydive Atlas, a company helping people check another thing off their bucket list.

Lori Manera gets the cameras from the jump just after landing so she can start editing.

Lori Manera gets the cameras from the jump just after landing so she can start editing.

Manera works from sun up to sun down running back and forth from her office to the drop zone, collecting and editing videos. Her job is vital as she makes sure everyone from the skydiving instructor to the pilot are set for each flight. On top of being the person to make sure the wheel spins, she also helps divers understand the risks and what they should be prepared for. When a jumper’s journey ends she meets them once again, but this time she has their whole experience neatly packaged and ready to sell.

In Hawaii, Manera struggled with what she wanted to do in life. She took two semesters in college but realized it wasn’t for her.

The Skydive Atlas van.

The Skydive Atlas van.

In hopes of finding clarity, like many people, Manera decided to give skydiving a go.

“After working in certain places I met a lot of people who were skydivers in Hawaii,” said Manera. “That’s how I got into it, kind of hanging out with them more.”

Her new found hobby led her to her now travel partner and boyfriend, Josh Koivisto, a parachute rigger from Washington State.

“We just hit it off right away, we both have the same personality … It’s just so easy, we’re like best friends hanging out,” said Koivisto.

Koivisto and Manera are planning to pack things up and head to the east coast as soon as the summer season is over. They have no set plans but are hoping to work at a drop zone in Maine and then move from the east coast down to the south and then up to the west coast back to Hawaii.

Manera’s new found interest has sparked such a change in her life. She moved from the island she’s only ever known to a life of adventure and risk.

Her new career choice can be jarring to most but to her it’s what she was looking for.


“It’s the feeling of risk. I don’t know I’m a pretty big risk taker … It’s just fun,” Manera said. “It’s kind of freeing, it’s kind of like an indescribably feeling in away? A lot of people are like, ‘it’s awesome! It’s amazing!’ it’s great … it’s all of it, all of the above.”

Facebook live from Skydive Atlas

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