Jordan Nelson biography


Story, photo and video by Evan Hummel, NewsNetNebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska– Jordan Nelson may be best known as a running back for the Husker football team. But while the senior journalism major’s ultimate goal is the NFL, he has other aspirations as well. Nelson is a native of Omaha, and his father, Ray Nelson, is a former letter-winner for the Husker football team that featured the “scoring explosion.” Nelson has very much followed in his father’s footsteps but he plans to pave a new path.

After starting off as an education major, Nelson decided to switch majors. He chose journalism. He says that decision was based on his passion for writing.

But writing isn’t his only love. Nelson is particularly interested in animation. One of his career goals is to work for Disney. With a laugh, Nelson said, “One of my favorite Pandora station’s is Disney.”
It’s not all work for Nelson. He also enjoys spending time with family. Nelson has two younger brothers and two older sisters, who he says he is very close to. Family is important to Nelson, and when he has the time, he enjoys spending time with his siblings.

Nelson will be writing for and publishing content for NewsNetNebraska this semester, putting his writing skills to the test. Nelson plans to make one of his last semesters at UNL a strong one.

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