A tailgating family and a Husker legend

  • Joyce Korinek, 81, shows off her favorite Husker game day shirt. She has been going to Nebraska football games for 76 years and still sits in the same 50 yard line seats her grandfather sat in in 1921.

Story, photo, audio by Bailey Hurley, NewsNetNebraska

Just a few years ago, Mike Boes didn’t know half of the people he now shares most of his fall weekends with.

“We’re a big tailgate family,” the recent Creighton grad explains. “It brings everyone together.”

The Big Ten Network pre-game show hums in the background, there’s squeaks of Husker-themed lawn chairs being unfolded and the pop of beer cans opening are all heard at the crisp, early morning ‘family’ affair. The tailgate tradition has been going on in Boes’ family since he was born.

Theme Party

He comes up with a theme the Monday before (this week’s was ‘Merica and picnic) and posts the details of what to bring on the group’s Facebook page and rolls in to lot 10 around 6 a.m. every game day to set up their ‘Husker tent city.’

“I can’t even see myself doing anything but being here on Husker game day Saturdays,” said Boes.

A Legend Arrives

The Boes’ combined their festivities with the Korinek family’s about 5 years ago when they were moved to the same lot and now many refer to their group as a ‘tailgate family.’ But the Korinek clan brought a little bit more than just a lot of Husker spirit and cold beer to the newly combined group; they had a Husker football legend.

Dennis “Denny” Korinek played running back and defensive back on a full scholarship from 1951-1954. He would have to agree with where Nebraska football ranks in.

Denny and his wife, Joyce, live in Florida now, but she says she still gets excited every time they board the plane to come back and watch their Huskers play. And although a lot has changed in the 75-plus years they’ve been doing it all,‘there’s no place like Nebraska.’

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