Celebrating tradition

  • Up-close of Anderson bonding with family and friends

Photo, audio and story by Julia Nguyen, NewsNetNebraska

For some, tailgating is a time to meet with friends and family and have fun before the Husker game.
“It’s a time for us to wind down and hang out,” Kenneth (Kenny) Anderson, former defensive lineman, said.
Anderson began his Husker career as a walk-on from Omaha, Nebraska in 2008, but moved inside for his final two seasons.

Time with friends and family

“It’s great because we’re able to come down and spend some time with friends and family you don’t normally get during the busy work week,” Anderson said. Anderson has been coming to the Husker games with his family since he was four years old. His family began tailgating at their signature location on the parking garage rooftop of Stadium Drive since 2004.

Tailgate prepping

From food to chairs to tents, Anderson said it takes a team in order to make sure everything is prepped and in place for the tailgates. “After this game, we begin to plan for the next tailgate,” Kim Anderson, mother of Kenny and organizer of the tailgates, said. “My friend and I that put the tailgate together usually meet mid-week and break up jobs and tasks for everyone involved.”

The perfect tailgate

According to the Anderson clan, the best tailgates are “the ones when we win.” Rod Anderson, the patriarch of the Anderson family, has been attending Husker games since his time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
“I think I’ve only missed about six games my entire life,” Anderson said.
While fun, quality time with loved ones may be an important aspect of the Anderson tailgates, the notion of tradition and consistency is one that makes the Anderson tailgate stand out amongst the others.

 Location: Stadium Drive Parking lot

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