Inside the Huskers game day locker room

  • Senior offensive center Dylan Utter in the zone listening to music as he prepares to play against Illinois.

Story, photos and audio by Jordan Nelson, NewsNetNebraska

On Saturday, October 1st, the Nebraska Cornhuskers football took on the University of Illinois. Thousands of fans were out early tailgating for the Big 10 game. Meanwhile, the Cornhuskers football players were deep inside the Memorial Stadium locker room preparing to play the Fighting Illini.

In the locker room

There are many different ways college players mentally and physically prepare for games. Some relax in the hot tub. Others get their muscles and joints stretched by team trainers. Some players just sit besides their lockers reflecting and listening to music. Before his games, senior linebacker Brad Simpson just wants to focus on the task at hand.

Huskers quarterback Tommy Armstrong sets the atmosphere in the locker room. He cranks up the music on his speakers so everyone inside and outside the locker room can hear it. The training room area is another place where players have ankles and other joints taped, their bodies stretched, are treated for minor injuries, or limber up in the hot tub.

Ready for the game

Senior offensive center, Dylan Utter, has his own pre-game rituals. They include taping, hydrating, eating, and going over plays in his head.

As time approaches for players to leave the locker room for the field, the Husker players put their pads, make final equipment adjustments and make sure everything, mentally and physically, is ready to go.

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