UNL journalism major McCarty: from actor to editor

Before coming to the the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to study journalism, Joe McCarty took part in 30 theatrical productions in the span of 10 years

Photo Source: Tony Papousek

Joe McCarty at the Lincoln Community Foundation Tower Square.

His interest in theater begin at age 9, when he accompanied his older brother to audition for the McCook Community College production of “A Christmas Carol.” He landed his first acting gig, the role of the young Ebenezer Scrooge.

Many years later, McCarty would go on to perform in his favorite production, “All Shook Up,” a musical based on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” featuring music by Elvis Presley. He loved the mixture of rare Elvis tracks with a classic Shakespearean story. McCarty auditioned for multiple roles, and played the part of an aspiring dentist named Dennis.

“You have to stick somewhat close to home when acting, so I ended up playing the nerd.”

McCarty’s “nerdiness” and passion for accuracy inspired him to become a journalist.

“I really like presenting information, and a huge part of that for me is presenting information that is accurate. I like to fix things that are wrong,” he said.

McCarty  spent last summer as a digital editor at the Buffalo News. After graduation from UNL, McCarty aims to work at a mid-size publication, like the Buffalo News, as a copy editor.

“It’s fun to take something that’s not quite perfect and turn it into something that’s pretty perfect.”

Audio bonus: McCarty once directed a melodrama.





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