Cameras and control rooms: Game day at HuskerVision

  • There are plenty of friendly rivalries in HuskerVision. Student interns Jake Allen and Jeff McGrath often argue over who's the better cameraman. Photo: Jack Housenga, NewsNetNebraska

Story, photos and audio by Jack Housenga, NewsNetNebraska

Game days in Nebraska are unlike any other. Family, friends and football occupy the minds of Husker fans each weekend. But while many eyes are glued to the action on Tom Osborne field, there is plenty of work happening behind the scenes to help enhance the viewing experience.

HuskerVision is the live video production department that’s been behind covering each Nebraska home football game since 1994.

What it takes

A combination of full-time staff and student interns help make up the 40 crew members used each game day. The group arrives at Memorial Stadium five hours before kickoff to organize and test equipment.

Every game, each staff member and student is responsible for a specific duty. From operating a camera to working the replay system, HuskerVision employees can be seen on the sideline, the stands or in the main control room, located underneath section 26. Employees work tirelessly through all four quarters to create the media scene, by providing real-time game footage, instant replays and promotional videos that can be seen on the big screen.

Behind the camera

HuskerVision student employee Adam Pieper, who operates an on-field camera, said the job takes plenty of preparation and hard work.

He added that the work is rewarding, despite its immense pressure.

“When 90,000 people are watching what you do almost every Saturday, it can definitely be scary at times,” Pieper said. “But as a college student, the experience you get working here is about as good as it gets.”

Just like the football program itself, the history of HuskerVision runs deep. Nebraska became the nation’s first college football team to introduce instant replay boards at an exclusive sporting event when they did so in 1994.

In the control room

Kirk Hartman, who has directed each Huskers’ home game for the last 22 seasons for HuskerVision, said the production has changed drastically over the years.

Hartman believes that his crew plays an important role in helping provide fans with a memorable game day experience.

“Just like the players, we here have a huge responsibility,” Hartman said. “Although our work may be more unique, we play a big role in helping ensure that everyone leaves the stadium happy on Saturday afternoon.”

Pieper echoed Hartman’s belief, and said HuskerVision acts as a key form of entertainment on game day.


Memorial Stadium, 2nd floor

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