Former Husker pitcher prioritizes education over major leagues

Jeff Chesnut

Jeff Chesnut

Jeff Chesnut is perhaps best known as the Huskers pitcher with a school-record-setting number of career appearances.

A successful high school and college baseball career provided Chesnut the chance to play with the Miami Marlins, but in his hometown of Omaha, the family sport of choice was golf.

Competition was par for the course between the three Chesnut brothers: Chesnut recalled once accidentally hitting his brother Tyler in the head with a golf club. Tyler later returned the favor, hitting Chesnut below his right eye.

Chesnut said he “practically grew up on the golf course,” playing with his family through the evening after school  “until moonlight was literally our only light,” and in the summer, 36 holes a day, five days a week.

“I was actually much better at golf than I was at baseball,” he said.

When it came to baseball, he said, “all I could do was pitch.”

When the Marlins offered him a chance to play after his senior season with the Huskers, Chesnut said he was content to be done with the sport.

“Many players try to play as long as they can,” he said. “I’m not that type of player. I would rather choose to graduate, move on and find a job.”

Now months away from completing his journalism degree, Chesnut said he doesn’t plan to pursue journalism immediately after graduation; instead, he hopes to follow his grandfather’s footsteps into the world of banking and “see what happens from there.”

“I’m not counting out journalism,” he said, “but there’s a lot of valuable things I will use from this degree in my future with whatever I choose to do.”



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