Sass discovers purpose through journalism trip to Nicaragua

Avery Sass

Avery Sass

Before college, if someone told the story of Avery Sass it would begin like this: a small town, country roads, friends singing to Taylor Swift.

Although the University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior still loves these things, the girl back then was at ease, but lacking a plan.

“I really had no idea what my purpose was growing up,” Sass said.

So without a fixed direction, Sass began college just 40 minutes from her hometown of Firth, Nebraska. During this time two things remained constant: the importance of her friends and her relationship with God.

Fast-forward to the summer before her junior year. After taking Professor Bruce Thorson’s infamously grueling photography class and embarking on a photography trip to Nicaragua, Sass found her mission.

“It really opened my eyes to what I have a passion for and what my purpose is,” she said. “Going on those trips made me realize how I want to make a difference.”

Sass saw “houses” constructed only of ripped tarps and trash bags and streams turned green from garbage and pollution. She wants to share these visuals in America, where she said she hopes they can bring about change. listen

Working for a company she believes in and documenting the stories of those afflicted by poverty is where Sass sees herself in five years. Although the details are not set, the goal of her aspirations are rooted in one thing, she said.

“I want to be able to serve with my talents so that the glory goes to God.”




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