Tailgate adapts and thrives at new location

Text and Photos by Allan Christensen, NewsNetNebraska

Tailgating can force you to be very adaptive.  Sometimes an apartment building will pop up where you have had your tailgate for the last six years.  That’s what happened to the folks tailgating at 10th and K streets.  For years the group of 20 to 30 people had tailgated in the lot where the Latitude Apartments sprang up on 10th and N street.

The move looks to have gone seamlessly.  Tables of grills, crockpots, spreads and chips were prevalent and well-grazed as the group prepared for homecoming weekend in Lincoln.  The group is a collection of co-workers from Hyland Software.  Manager Tony Woods said that he enjoys the tailgate and that it is a fun thing to do with his co-workers.  Woods said the tailgate is something the company uses when recruiting prospective employees to show them the family atmosphere at Hyland.

Sometimes tailgating can force you to adapt your bedtime, too.  Quentin Cox said he started a brisket at 3:00 p.m., Friday afternoon, and finished up with food prep around midnight.  Then Cox was out at 9.30 a.m., Saturday morning, setting up the tents for the tailgate.  That is about five hours ahead of kickoff.

“Mostly to impress the guys at work,” Cox said when asked why he took all the effort, “and the boss is coming back.”

Cox wore a “#RILEDUP” t-shirt but said he wasn’t going to the game.

“Got to stay and make sure no one gets too crazy,” Cox said smiling.  “As long as you’re not running naked in front of the cars, (the police)’ll leave you alone.”

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