UNL student erases rage and relaxes with photography

When Alanna Johnson was growing up, she often had a problem with new people.

Although she doesn’t remember it — she was not yet two at the time — she even tried to drown her little sister, Karissa, in a bathtub.

alannapic“I was jealous of her when she was born,” she said. “I don’t remember this. I love her to death now.”

Even now, Johnson, a 23-year-old journalism student from Weston, Nebraska, unleashes road rage often enough that she developed a habit.

“I probably on a daily basis flip one person off,” Johnson said.listen

But put her behind a camera – and everything is different. Her favorite subject? Surprisingly, it’s portraits of people.

“Taking pictures of people and showing them afterward makes me happy because they love the way they turn out,” she said.

Johnson said her dream job would be to become a freelance photographer. She said she would love to continue shooting portraits for herself and for her subjects.

Johnson already works with a photographer from National Geographic helping him edit his pictures. She has also signed up as a photographer with the Daily Nebraskan, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln student newspaper.

Johnson doesn’t feel angry or anxious when she takes pictures, just relaxed and satisfied because she is doing what she loves.

“Usually I’m in a serene place like the countryside or by a lake,” she said. “I feel no pressure when I’m taking photos, only from myself.”





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