Husker fan tailgates every home game for almost 30 years

Diehard Husker fans are not hard to find in Lincoln. But not many fans can attend every home game. Helen Kampfe hasn’t missed one since 1987.

Kampfe, 59, lives in Omaha but still makes the trip every year to watch and tailgate Husker football games. It isn’t just the tailgate that keeps her coming back either — it’s the whole gaming experience.

Helen Kampfe (right) with friends at the Nebraska-Illinois game Oct. 1, 2016

Helen Kampfe (far right) with friends at the Nebraska-Illinois game Oct. 1, 2016

“I love everything about it: the atmosphere, the people, the game. I love football,” she said. “My husband hunts, I go to football games.”

Kampfe said she attended her first game when she was in elementary school. Since then, the only thing that has changed are the beverages in the cooler. For Kampfe, the team doesn’t even have to be great, or even that good.

“The score of the game does not affect the tailgating,” she said. “Everything stays the same.”

Her favorite game was in 1978 when Nebraska finally defeated the Oklahoma Sooners after five consecutive losses. She said that was the most exciting game she remembers, but she avoided helping tear down the goalposts after the game.

Kampfe says she will continue attending all the home games she can. Tailgating with her husband, children or friends is an important part of what makes the games so special. To her, it’s the people that set Husker games apart from other teams.

“Whenever I run into fans that come here from other teams, they’re just amazed how friendly Nebraska fans are,” she said. “That’s something to be proud of.”



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