The Obsession

obsessionposterBy Juli Smith, NewsNetNebraska

The Obsession is a seven-minute psychological thriller produced by CoJMC broadcast production students.

It features a character named David, a free-lifestyle club-goer who unknowingly takes a laced drink from a mysterious masked woman. The woman has a dual personality: She’s a killer and a psychologist.

David’s thrilling evening at a night club ends in confusion and murder but the target of the mysterious killer shifts as Allie, David’s girlfriend, follows them from the club to the killer’s lair and keeps the killer from finishing the murder she originally planned.

The cinematography and the editing of The Obsession take the audience in a vertiginous visual ride filled with desperation, confusion and a struggle to find the truth. David knows he didn’t kill his girlfriend but all the evidence points in his direction.

The story has a twist in which the audience finds the truth and yet the journey for David is tied to the will of others.

Click below to watch “The Obsession.”

OBSESSION from Juli Smith on Vimeo.

Production and cast of “The Obsession”

  • Directed by Sharae Sawyer
  • Produced by Juli Smith
  • Cinematography by Joshua Tomjack
  • Editing by Alexis Fregoso
  • Lighting by Mason Porter
  • Graphics by Sammi Wong


  • David—Michael Horst
  • Killer—Monica López
  • Orderly—Alexis Fregoso
  • Orderly—Mason Porter
  • Detective—Luis Peón-Casanova


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