A passion for art brings trouble

Five years ago, JP Davis was arrested for vandalism in Birmingham, Alabama. Davis, now 21, continues his love for what got him in trouble initially – art.

However, it wasn’t carless tags, or arbitrary destruction that Davis was charged with. He was painting beautiful portraits rooted in creativity in desolate and deserted places.

As part of his community service for the charge, Davis painted his first (and only) legal mural on the faded brick of a local restaurant displaying their slogan, “fun in a bun.”

For as long as he can remember, Davis has felt a strong connection to the world of art. A dedicated photographer and musician, he takes his passion for art with him everywhere he goes.

“With photography, I feel productive. Taking photographs makes me feel like a contributor to society, and not an opposition to it,” Davis said.

JP Davis performing on stage with his band.

Davis had hopes of attending Auburn University, until his family made a big change. He moved to Omaha, Nebraska to finish his senior year, and was accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he now studies journalism.

Davis is also the front man for his punk band, “I Forgot to Love my Father.”

“My parents think that being in a band makes me not pay attention to school, but really it is the same to me as any extra curricular activity,” Davis said. “And I think that is healthy for a student.”





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