UNL student has a passion for Native American culture

Cheyenne Rowe has a passion for Native American culture that goes beyond the classroom.

Her interest was piqued at age 12 after she attended her first mission trip to Pine Ridge Reservation

The Omaha native has continued to make it apart of her life ever since by going on a mission trip every year.

“I fell in love with the rich respect for something bigger than worldly worries or possessions,” she said.

Rowe is a journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She also has an English concentration and a Native American studies minor. She wants to incorporate her journalism and Native American studies into her job some day.

“With journalism I hope to start off telling people stories about the world, the way I see them,” she said. I want to give a voice to a person or people that have traditionally been silenced or scared.”

American history has also affected Rowe’s life too.

“This impacted me by making me want to do so much with Native American culture and history, it gave me a direction,” she said.

Rowe has one goal that can she use both her passions of journalism and history together.

“My goal is to someday incorporate Native American Studies and journalism in a way so that I can do a form of anthropological writing about the plains natives,” she said.

Cheyenne describes the condition of the reservation:


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