CoJMC student dreams of editing young adult novels

You can call Nicole Eisenbraun a book nerd; that’s what she calls herself.

She loves books. She dreams of living in New York City and editing young adult fiction at Penguin Teen.

The urban lifestyle of her future would be a change from Eisenbraun’s childhood in Wall, South Dakota.

Everyone knows everyone in Wall, which is home to the famous Wall Drug Store. Bearing a last name of a founding family of the town, Eisenbraun craved freedom from the defined social groups and gossip.

Reading was her way to explore the big world outside of the small town.

Eisenbraun has loved stories since her great grandmother taught her to read at age 4. She frequently visited her school’s library and would supplement her reading with books her mom bought from the nearest city an hour away.

Books exposed Eisenbraun to diverse experiences and role models. Novels like “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, introduced her to characters her own age who faced similar experiences as she did.

Books were her doors to the world beyond Wall.

“I didn’t have to be right where I was,” she said. “I could be anywhere.”

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