Former Navy member finds a home in journalism

Nathan Anderson traded a life at sea for a life on the rocky seas of today’s journalism. A former member of the U.S. Navy, he returned to school to get a degree.

In August 2005, at age 21, Anderson from Grand Island, Nebraska, began his eight-year enlistment in the Navy. Stationed in Illinois, working as a fire control technician, he focused on the safety of the ship and was trained on warfare techniques.

“I was young and wanted to get out of Nebraska,” he said.  “I have always had the itch to do something, anything, somewhere else.”

Though his time enlisted was rewarding, the grueling hours working from sunrise to sunset proved to be difficult for him and those on board.

“We lost crew members who couldn’t handle it,” he said.  “They ‘tapped out’ we would say, and they would give up.”

When the long hours had taken their toll and his time was up, Anderson headed home to begin his education.

In 2014, he began his first semester at UNL as a Journalism and Child Youth and Family Studies double major.

“I think journalism is more important now than any time in the last 30 years.  It’s the current climate of today’s world that has renewed my drive to finish my degree and get a job delivering quality journalism to the public.”

Anderson describes his first day enlisted in the Navy. 



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