Living in two cultures in America

Steven Mah was practically raised in his parent’s restaurant and learned some valuable skills in his experiences there, including his intense work ethic. It took a journey of over 6,000 miles and decades of hard work for the Mah family to establish themselves in the United States. That same drive to succeed has been instilled in Steven from a young age.

“My father has adjusted very well to America,” Mah said. “But my mother, well, she is still a bit old fashioned.”

Mah is an exceedingly motivated student, but the inspiration for Mah is more than just success—it’s his faith. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Theta catholic fraternity on UNL’s campus and he leans on his brothers for support.

“To have a group of young men all dedicated to Christ and the same morals and ideals is very exciting to me” Mah said. “It makes every day easy to get out of bed and take pride in what I do.”

“Some people find their fruit in one basket such as school” Mah said “But I think you should find it in balancing. I find my fruit in doing. And I love it.”

Listen to Mah here

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